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What Are the Benefits of Using Banners as Advertising?

You can advertise your business to potential customers with a variety of media and advertising techniques ready to spread your message to specific audiences. While multimedia displays and online keyword targeting should be a consideration for any marketing plan, the age-old marketing standby, printed signs and banners, still offers many advantages to businesses.


Where production costs for more advanced advertising media may hold back small businesses, banners remain a method that is still inexpensive to produce. With digital print shops offering banner-printing services in most towns, many business owners can design their own banners using desktop image editors and desktop publishing suites, and produce a banner for less cost than it may take to record even the simplest radio ad.


Whether your banner is displayed at a trade show, as a sponsor for an event or outside your place of business, you can be sure that the people who see your sign are potential customers, and you're not wasting resources reaching customers who are uninterested in your services or outside of your trade area and neighborhood. Although other forms of media offer targeted marketing, mere placement of a banner guarantees you're reaching the customers you need to reach.


Banners continue to reinforce your company name each time they're seen. If placed in a high-traffic area, a banner may reach the same customer several times a day. One that's semi-permanently installed in a window or outdoor location may reinforce your company name or influence the same potential customers.


Companies who sponsor many local events or appear at gatherings and trade shows frequently will get a lot of mileage out of a banner. They are easily portable and have no hidden or recurring costs once it's created.


A well designed sign is proven to be an effective means of advertisement. Because signs are such a natural part of our environment, many people pay attention to signage. When coupled with design principles that grab customers' eyes---such as inclusion of graphics, a recognizable logo or color scheme and concise copy---banners are a very cost-effective means of advertising.

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Bob Lowe:(6/29/2016 2:58:36 PM) "Thanks for the post. I agree that using a banner can be an inexpensive way to reach customers. I like that you can design your own banners, and have a printing company print them for you. I also like that you can use them over and over again, which again helps to keep costs low."
Rockford:(4/11/2016 2:37:57 PM) "Great post! Thank you for helping me understand the benefits of using banners for advertising. I like how you said that "A well designed sign is proven to be an effective means of advertisement. Because signs are such a natural part of our environment, many people pay attention to signage." I have never used a banner before but I can imagine how helpful one can be when it comes to promoting a company or a product."

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